Watch Essential Legs Refresher Yoga

Watch Essential Legs Refresher Yoga

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  • Pre/Post-Run Yoga

    This routine originated in Ann's pre-run routine from her college days at the University of Notre Dame. You can do this routine with or without a mat--take it with you to the trail or track! Targets quads, hamstrings, IT band, hips, calves.

  • Yoga for Hips

    Feel better, destress, and loosen up those hips! This workout helps alleviate IT band tightness as well as all those little muscles in your hips that are neglected in the activities of daily life. Move more easily, and simply feel better with more flexible hips in under 30 minutes.

    Equipment n...

  • Yoga for Calves and Hamstrings

    Whether you are working towards a full split or simply want to loosen up your tight calves, this workout will have your legs feeling loose and moving more fluidly in no time! Highly effective for increasing flexibility in areas where runners and athletes are often tightest.

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